Rohayhu Paraguay

Here we go a dangerous place, actually I met a woman on the bus, on the way to Asunción, that heard I couldn’t buy food because I didn’t have local money, so she exchange me 10 dollars and I received a very convenient rate: then I bought Chipa, a very tasty bread.
According with the dagger of this place I caught a local bus, where usually you can lose even your shoes… I reached the center with all my clothes and I started to walk on the street, searching for an accommodation, in the middle of the night.
A little girl that live on the street grabbed my hand, she asked me what I needed, so she told me:
” I know a good place for you, it’s close. Don’t worry, I ask money on the street but my heart is good… ”
The hostel was really good, I don’t mean just the environment, I met a lovely owner, Lilia, her helpful daughter Violetta and Oscar, a help, a friend, a Paraguayan guy that love his country and his culture; most of the people I met there were like this, I definitely learnt so many interesting things in a very short time because everybody were glad to tell me the history of their country: I met two young guys out of a restaurant, I was struggling with a waiter to get how to reach a bar, they heard something strange and they came to me, proposing to go with them; on the way Ariel and Daniel taught me something about the city, about the strength of Paraguayan women and some words of Guaraní, the original language of that lands.
On Saturday I went to a party, I met a friend of Violetta but I lost her after a while for a bad joke… shame on me!
Destiny, because in that way I met Fabian and other friends, I continued enjoying the night and before to bring me back to my hostel, after some beers, they proposed me a city tour for the day after.
Definitely a nice tour, thanks to Fabian, Alejandra, Maira and Francisco.
During the week I didn’t do many things, just relaxing, dreaming… the weather was very hot and Mosquitos loved my blood!
On the second weekend I received a special invitation from Fabian: a birthday barbecue with his family.
Happy birthday Chicho!
The food was delicious, a lot of food, at the end it was even hard to breath!
Lovely party, thanks to Fabian, once again, to Edgar and Miriam, his parents, to his brothers Edgar, Ricardo, Daniel y Gustavo; and Viviana, of course, we talked all the night!
The day after I continued the marathon of food with Fabian, we went to a traditional restaurant where I found something that I consider amazing, the waiter introduced us the main plaits telling about their historical origin… I learnt that a part of Paraguayan food comes from the Mediterranean area.
Everything was delicious, ovviously, I ate a lot and I left the restaurant rolling as a ball!
We went to visit the Ypacarai lake, a nice place where the people try to escape from the chaos of Assuncion during the weekend.
And what about the night?
Whit Fabian again and a new friend of him, Patricia, another smiling person that made me enjoy my last Paraguayan night.
I think I confirmed once again my theory, despite what somebody told me just before to come here: if you think positive, if you are tuned with your path, you gonna get amazing things!

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  1. Ciao Ale sei un grande ti stimo tantissimo …..sono di sanremo ma adesso vivo a maccacari …..

  2. Ciao Alessandro .. Sei un ragazzo fantastico, abito vicino casa tua , conosco il tuo papà, da ragazzi , ti auguro che questa esperienza possa continuare.. All’infinito,un abbraccio forte Laura

    1. Grazie a tutti i nogaresi e non che mi seguono, perdonate il ritardo… a volte mi perdo qualche pezzo!


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