The unknown way

It’s time to leave Venezuela, I tried to do that in a not common way, I took the shortest one.

I took a shared car to Tumeremo, a big village to the east; once there we found a protest that was forbidding to cross by car, so I continued by foot with Belkis, a sweet woman that was in my same car; she accompanied me to where I could get a minibus to continue.
She putting me in the hands of a friend that she found there, but I didn’t feel his intention to help me… after Belkis left he never came back to me!
I anyway took the transport thanks to the people around, to reach San Martín de Turumban, a community of indigenous close to the Cuyuni River.
After a hour the police stopped our minibus to a normal check, they wanted to see my passport and the problems started… I didn’t have the exit stamp, of course, a guy that told me about that way said that I could find a Venezuelan immigration there.
Well,he said something wrong and the police wanted to send me back, they explained that I was not allowed to cross the river and even if I could it was not recommendable, because Guyana is dangerous, they are still cannibals!
I don’t know why but at the end they left me go.
The other passengers started to ask me things, asking how I could do to manage myself, they wanted discourage me… I didn’t like so much that people, I stopped listening to them.
Once at the port they left me alone, I waited for something better, I was happy that the bad energies were gone… and the good one come soon!
José come to me, he asked me what I was looking for, his voice was friendly… I told him I wished to cross the river.
” is it complicated? “
” No, very easy my friend! “
In two minutes we reached the other side, the Guyanese side.
He found an accommodations for me, he also proposed me to stay at his home, to the Venezuelan side, but I was already there, I didn’t want to go back.
The people at the guesthouse were really helpful, the day after Richard helped me to find a boat to go to the Guyanese immigration; it was true, I needed to go back to Puerto Ordaz to clear my passport, then I would have been allowed to get the entry stamp.
Damn it!
I was already thinking about going back quickly, because I already heard that the best way to cross the forest to reach the capital city was flying, the plane was on Wednesday… J couldn’t lose time!
But the owner of the boat, Clayton, told me he wanted to help me, because we should try to help the others.
He knew somebody working at the immigration, he could ask to him… so, in a couple of hours I showed my passports to that guy, telling about my travel.
Done! The day after I could get my stank!
I couldn’t believe that, just few good persons and everything was arranged!
On Tuesday I went early to clear my passport, with Clayton, throw the river… and in few minutes I become legal in Guyana!
I came back very happy, thinking that I just had to wait one more day to leave, so I was going to relax myself.
I was in my room, a hour later Clayton come to knock at my door:  a plane was there!
In 15 minutes I was already back to the river, I reached the plane by boat and after a while I was flying over the Guyanese forest!
Everything can be possible or impossible, it depends to your attitude to don’t give up so easily and thinking positive!


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