More friends in Bangkok


After I left my new friends I was on the street and I had to find my hostel.
One second and a girl was already asking me if I needed a help.
Neth was a student in Bangkok, she accompanied me to my place… not immediately, it took few minutes to find it!
Do you remember Elmar, the Italian guy from tanger?
He gave me the contact of a friend that lived there, Ulanza… ehm… Ulzana 🙂
I called her and she suggested me to go to Khao San Road and have fun.
I did it, I went there by taxi, around 9 pm, and I found a place full of people!
I walked for some minutes in the crowd and a woman helped me to find some street food.
I continued to walk, many people, many noisy pubs… and two German guys came to me, asking me what I was searching for.
We started to talk, they told me about a delicious coconuts ice and I got it, obviously!
We spent a nice and quiet night together, whit some beers.
The day after I finally met Ulzana and Giorgio, her boyfriend.
Lovely persons, we spent all the day together, we went for a Thai massage, we tasted delicious food and at the end of the evening we took a picture all together.
The day after I left Bangkok and I moved to the south.
Lovely people in this city, I should come back in the future!


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