Transmongolica with smiles

Last part of that long train trip.
I arrived at the train station by taxi, somebody I didn’t know escorted me from the entrance door to my train and once on the train someone else guided me to my chamber; nobody spoke English, I only showed my ticket.
After few minutes somebody came in my sane place: Oynga.
Initially she didn’t speak to me and I had no idea about who was with me.
Some hours later she offered me a cup of tea, without say a word, just putting it in my hands and smiling.
She took care of me during all the travel, given me food, assisting me with the forms at the Chinese border and once arrived in Beijing she tried to help me to get cash from ATM machine.
She smiled to me, I smiled to her, only that; and I reached china.
Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely Oynga.


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