The land of unexpected


My last step in PNG.
I went there because it’s the capital city of PNG and apparently the only place where to get visa.
At the airport the fly staff assisted me to reach the waiting area and they tried to find a cheap accommodation for me; unfortunately all the solutions were over budget for me, so, after two hours, I decided to move to the city and to find something with my own.
But they didn’t want let me go, they told me Moresby is very dangerous for me, they were really worried.
I know I am stubborn, maybe also a bit unconscious, specially when the people say ” it’s difficult for you ” .
I was walking through the parking, without to listen to the people that were following me… But a nice hand and a lovely voice made me change my mind.
Eveny told me she knew a place where I could stay, she called her father and the person that would have hosted me.
So her father came and we went together to father Don, a Filipino priest.
That evening he gave me a very good dinner, with cappuccino ice cream as conclusion!
The day after I also met father Giorgio.
On Monday he accompanied me to the immigration office and I was really surprised when they told me I didn’t need visa and I could leave the country comfortable!
I didn’t was disappointed, obviously, just a bit confused.
I spent few days there, very relaxed, I only had to wait until Friday to fly out from PNG.
I also met some funny guys there: Peter, Francis, a smoking girl and others… One of them made an interview with me very professionally, I’m so sorry I forgot his name.
A lot of birds above the house, I recorded one very funny.
The emblem of Png is a bird as well, the Bird of Paradise… it’s my souvenir of Oceania.
The day before to leave, father Giorgio brought me to take some pictures about the parliament.
I want to thanks a lot my hosts, they made me feel very comfortable and welcome.
Thanks to father Giorgio also for the important informations, thanks to father Don for his amazing food!
Port Moresbyhas not been dangerous at all!



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