On the way back

Some months ago I received an invitation for a very important format in Verona, it was a great opportunity to increase the popularity of my travel, so I decided to come back to Italy.
I changed my path and after Laos I went to Bangkok, where to fly to Europe is cheaper.
I found people that allowed me to find an accommodation in Khao San Road first, that is too much turistic and crowded for me; then I moved to a quieter place, I found a quieter hostel with a very nice and helpful lady at reception, named Alexandra.
I also found a great man close to my hostel, that drew a piece of travel of my body.
Great job Nick, thank you!
One evening I went out to meet people, I felt a bit alone; I was unlucky in the beginning and after dinner I decided to come back to my hostel.
But while I was passing through a dumpy street an Australian man came to me proposing his help… we went to drink a beer together and he saved my smile.
During the flight back I found several Russians on the plane, a girl beside mi sit assisted me with the meal, despite she couldn’t speak English; so lovely.
I spoke with Yulia as well, you will know her soon, I guess…


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