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I needed a break!
I was starting to lose my balance, too many situations that I couldn’t understand… as the ones I told in the first video: in Bangkok they wanted confiscate my scissors, I was ready to fight for that!
I spent the first weekend with my friends Mattia and Francesca in Milan, because I needed also to go to some embassies.
On Monday I moved around the city alone and I found a lot of beautiful people: from the metro to the office I met Elia, Raffaele with his dog, Virginio and at the Chinese office the lady was lovely, the workers at the close travel agency were super… I was so happy and proud of my country!
In the afternoon I stole some free time to Dedo, before to come back to home.
Back to Verona I spent time with my family and friends.
I wanted to meet people as much as possible everyday, in Nogara, Verona and the closest cities: quiet evenings with Morris and Rudy, beers at the pub with my bastard cousin Davide and her wife Elena, where I also spent some crazy time with Andrea, his cousin Veronica and two more Elena.
With Matteo from Brescia I met Mirko; on Thursday I went to a dark dinner in Padova, organized by a poetess, on Friday I came back to Milan to collected my passport and I met Ale, a skydiving friend, at his restaurant.
The weekend has been concentrated on Tedx, the format that made me come back to Italy; I met Tedx’s staff and Federico.
The second week I applied Russian visa in Verona and I enjoyed Adige river with Martina.
Tuesday evening is the Vele’s evening; on Wednesday amazing dinner with Davide, his brother Enrico and also Stefano, my personal webmaster, Lorenzo, Enrico again, ” Resca ” and beautiful Espy,, her sister and Giulia.
What else?
Well, I enjoyed walking around my lovely Verona again, meeting a lot of smiling people; even more happy day after day!
I also went to a national channel showing my magic dog, always with Vele.
I left Italy from Bologna, where I spent my last night with Crris and Paolino, two skydiving friends; I’m sorry Cris, watching the video I realized I was so rude, you are too much good!!
I forgot something maybe, what I cannot forget are the beautiful moments and vibrations I felt during every single second.
I love Italy 🙂

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  1. Hi Ale, just got to check your blog and found out you had been back to Italy. Must have been great to be back home. Now Russia! I am in Cairns at the moment, housesitting for 5/6 weeks, do this every 2nd year. Have a few friends and get visitors to stay. Do the touristy thing as well, always one day to the reef, snorkelling. Intend to visit Europe later in the year. France to catch up on my french, Italy, visit a cousin, Spain where my son lives and Netherlands to catch up with the relatives. If you’re around at the time I’ll try and catch up. Happy travelling! Marijke from Brisbane (airport ambassador)


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