Ulan Bator, coldest and warmest

Mongolia, the land of Gengis Khan.
Once arrived to my hostel I met Egly, the crazy, funny owner.
She told me where to buy a local sim card, to get money and she gave me important travel informations.
After a relaxing shower I started to search what I needed walking down the street and I realized that the indications I received were not totally correct.
So I needed a helper, Tuksa came to me and assisted me for everything, until a local lunch.
Unfortunately that fried meat was like a heavy rock in my stomach and I couldn’t move from my room until the day after.
On the second day I was searching for a breakfast, I went out from the hostel and I immediately met Maria with Guillaume, just arrived.
We spent the day together around Ulan Bator, we also met a lovely Mongolian woman that probably married me and Guillaume with the smell of her hands, we were not sure because we didn’t understand a word.
So, am I married now?
I was sorry to leave so soon, but I still have a long way in front of me and I already found some good stories to tell about Mongolia.
Thank you Egley, thanks to your shy assistant, thank you Tuksa for your Mongolian kindness… and thank you so much Maria, I’m married with a French guy, perhaps!!!
That’s true, this land can change your life!


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