Escorted in Riga

I arrived in Riga in the afternoon, I left the bus terminal and I started to walking around, to find a help, as usual; that time it comes very quickly, a very nice help called Elisa 🙂 I was hungry, so I asked her where I could find something to eat, she was really smiling and friendly and while she was accompanying me to a food place she told me that she could be back after work, in a way to show me something about the city.

I found that excellent, so I just spent a couple of hours in a shopping center, then I met somebody to bring me to a bench outside and i waited for her.

And she arrived, I was happy to find her again, because I was not alone anymore, I was with a nice person in a nice city… we visited some places around and she also found a room for me, so I was done with everything.

Thank you Elisa, I really enjoyed the time together, just few moments but I felt really comfortable and welcome with you.

I already had something good to tell, I was ready to find another destination, I anyway met interesting people during the last night and on the last morning, I think that I was spreading good energies… Biruta is the waiter that I met in a pub, she was worried for me when I decided to go back home and she escorted me with her friend Laura, I really appreciated it and her scent was really good!

On the morning after, before to go to the bus terminal, I went to a bar to have a breakfast, it was not so easy to communicate with the waiter, maybe she was still sleeping or maybe it was me, anyway Leroy came to help me to order my tea and something to eat, I moreover thought that it was a really cool guy, I’ll probably go to visit him somewhere, one day.

Well, another beautiful city and nice people, I can be really satisfied 🙂


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