Finding friends


Sometimes would be so easy, sometimes we just should try to take it easy and smile more.
During my second evening in Budapest I went to a restaurant that has been suggested from a lady at the reception of my hostel; if I’ve to say the truth Joka was very kind and brought me to the place and during the walk I told her she has became a part of my travel.
At the restaurant, while I was eating, a group of customers asked me if they could join to my table because there weren’t no free places more.
I agreed and after a few minutes we started to talk.
They were from Poland and I explained about my project and two of them especially , Aga and Karol, expressed to me their appreciations about what I’m doing.
They made me so happy, they gave me a lot of positive energy and they invite me to visit them in Poland if I will cross it.
Take a picture with them it was the minimum I could do!
After I went to a pub close to the restaurant to drink a beer, I was exited and I wanted to meet more friends.
It passed about half an hour, I finished my beer alone and I decided to come back to the hostel, but when I went out from the door a guy tried to help me and we started to talk, with him friend as well.
They seemed really impressed and they offered me many beers.
I spend a funny night with those Hungarian guys, I can tell only one name unfortunately, Márton…. too many beers probably!
No pictures or videos for the same reason, but a good experience is already in my heart.
Thank you so much, to all of you!

2 commenti

  1. Glad to met you, Sasha 🙂

    1. Thank you man for the magic night!


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