The police of Cocopo


Another nice island of Png.
At the airport a kind woman found a minibus that brought me to the city center.
The persons were helping me though I needed a special assistance and they wanted to lead me to an association for blind people, I needed the immigration office instead, it was not easy to explained them I wouldn’t have died without a special assistance.
Anyway it was impossible to five the immigration, so we went to the police station.
I found lovely persons there, they made me find an immigration agent, because the office was still under construction.
One of the policemen hosted me in his room for two days, at the police dormitory; his name is Roy, I found other colleges really helpful there.
The last day I decided to move close to the sentry, after I bought the ticket to fly to Moresby I went to a Chinese restaurant and I met another good man, Stephan, he asked me what I was doing and he brought me to a place where to spend my last night.
Cocopo is friendly, friendly and friendly!


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