Buka, as a family

Just arrived in Buka I went to a bank, helped by a man I found when I left the truck.
At the bank the security accompanied me inside and he still helped me to do what I needed around the city.
I went to the police station as well and they told me there wasn’t any immigration offices in Buka.
A friend of the security man joined us and we went together to a small restaurant, where the owner offered me the meal.
Finally the guys brought me to a guesthouse, where I found a lovely atmosphere.
Every-time I left my room some small kids ran to me to hold both of my arms, being my guide.
Margaret couched breakfasts and meals every day for free, I also found again some Rambutan, that I prefer to call ” Rasta fruit “; she also accompanied me wherever I needed around the city.
During my permanence at the Liberty Guesthouse I met also a very interesting teacher, named jimmy.
We had very nice conversations together and he supported me a lot, appreciating my travel.
Unfortunately I didn’t find a ship to my next destination soon, so I bought a flight.
Margaret and her friend accompanied me to the airport the last day.
Nice city, nice people, nice time.
Let’s visit Bougainville!


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