The thin line between hell and heaven


How can I feel after this experience?
A bit confused, satisfied and very grateful.
I went from the beach to Buin by a small truck, with George, and when I went out from the vehicle the police came immediately to me.
They asked me some questions and they told me to go to the police station.
I didn’t have PNG visa and honestly I was not very comfortable, I had a bad feeling about that situation, so I asked to George if it was possible to catch immediately a truck to Buka, where it should have been possible to fixed my situation at the immigration office.
Hut George and utter guys suggested me to go to the police station because everything it would have been all right.
No way to leave the town immediately, then I went to the police station.
I spoke with several policemen, it seemed just a normal check and all of them said me that after spoken to the commander I could go straight to Buka and get my visa, hut when the commander came I realized it was not so easy.
Indeed he said me immediately that I was not allowed to stay there, I couldn’t travel to Buka and I had to go back to Solomons Islands.
I was not really surprised, my bad feelings were confirmed.
I tried to explained to him that the immigration of Honyara told me I could get visa easily in Bougainville and I was not trying to overtake the rules, gut nothing changed.
So I decided to play all my possibilities and I explained my travel, my purpose… he took time, he told me it could be dangerous for me to go to Buka hut I answered I was determined to go on.
Something started to change, I saw a hope.
He made me spoke with an immigration agent of Port Moresby and I explained everything once again;
it was going better.
I convinced them to let me go and I obtained much more help than I expected: I didn’t have local money and it was not possible to get it in Buin, so a wife of a policeman donated me some to buy food; john, the commander, became totally a friend, at the evening we went to his home, we had a dinner together and then he accompanied me to Arawa, on the mid way to Buka, by car.
It took about four hours, we arrived at Arawa at midnight and he made me rest at his sister’s house.
I found so lovely people there, I felt very welcome and when I woke up, at 4 in the morning, I realized that John slept in the car.
They brought me to the truck to Buka and they paid the fee because I still didn’t have any Kina.
No works to describe what I felt, I was so grateful!
Sometimes it’s so easy to pass from the dark to the light, sometimes it only needs to find the right words.
I want to thanks commander John and his families, the police of Buin and all the people that surrounded me during the day, very interested about me.
I don’t know how many times I told the story of my life that day!


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