Here are some of my recent travel stories from my travel.

Vecchia fine, nuovo inizio

Sapete che vi dico?
Nonostante ciò possa trovare moltissime persone totalmente d’accordo, desidero comunque annunciare al mondo intero che sono un coglione!
Questa consapevolezza mi rende comunque felice, per il fatto che qualcuno aveva...

The end

This is the final step, this is the end of my tour around the world. I arrived to Lugano at evening and the only solution that I found it was to leave Switzerland to stay in Milano, at my friend’s house.

I was a bit tired and I felt asleep,...

8 – 8

Lugano, in the Italian side of Switzerland, it was weird for me hear the people speaking Italian and I was not in Italy! I stopped there to get an interview for a radio, I was also not far to a friend that I already met two times during this...

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